Zombie Fear

Feelings linger longer than the distinct memories.  I remember how I felt, but I don’t remember what I felt like that about.  I don’t remember why I felt it.  But I remember the feeling.

I don’t get scared much.  Not really a point to it.  Some people worry a lot about their next drop.  Where will it be?  Who will see it?  Will I fall and embarrass myself?

Embarrassment seems like a waste of energy.  We all have it.  We all do it.  We all have drops.  Why make a secret out of it?

I mean, sure, I don’t really want to see an Old One drop a leg and an arm right in front of me so I trip over her.  That would just be a mess.  It kind of sucks to watch them try to get up on the other leg, and collect up the dropped limbs.  Stand there until someone with a cart comes by…or try to hop.  yeah.  that really sucks to watch.

Some of the bullies laugh, sure.  But most of us just look uncomfortably away.  It could be us just as easily.  Eventually.

An arm and a leg at once.  People are afraid of that.  Me?  Maybe I’m just lucky ‘cuz I usually only drop a finger.  Maybe when I’m a lot older, I’ll be more scared.  But I doubt it.  Not worth the energy, really.

10 thoughts on “Zombie Fear

    1. Christine Post author

      Does that mean I need to ask him about the Zombie economy and how personal debt impacts his community? Would Zach’s debt-free scream sound more like a moan?

      1. skottydog

        lol! Yes, but he needs to remember the number one rule…”Don’t pump your fists in the air when screaming “I’m Debt Free!”, or you may have to follow with “I’m upper limb-free!”

  1. Julie Cole

    I honestly cant wait to read the next post about Zach. This is a great story, Niles! I’m all into it! [[[[[[[[[Niles]]]]]]]]]]

    1. Christine Post author

      Yeah, Chrystal…Zach has been teaching me that a lot of things I thought about zombies were wrong. 😉

  2. Denise Dilley

    Will the “Old Ones” have any sort of part in Zach’s story? I can sense a story there…

    I like how Zack doesn’t worry. This zombie could teach me a thing or two. 🙂

    1. Christine Post author

      Good question, Denise. Worth exploring….

      And yes, I’m trying really hard to learn about not worrying from him too!


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