This piece is a micro flash fiction — a complete story in 150 words or less. The only setup you get: it’s prompted by this photo, and it’s speculative fiction, which means it falls into the broad category of not entirely realistic/of this world. Sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, and horror all fall under this umbrella.


At this depth, even my spine is slow.

I push off, drifting through cold, thick water toward the cave’s rocky mouth. Simon lost contact two hours ago while charting a section of the ocean floor. The glow in the cave ahead is my only hope to find him.

The current pulls hard. My body is slow to respond down here, but I catch the rocks, pull myself inside, and pray.

Spongy walls lead into a cavern guarded by thick stalactites, walls split by jagged slits open to the ocean. I float feet first toward the cavern, bump into an object floating in the dark.

I glance up and see Simon, his frozen eyes staring through his helmet’s visor.

The floor heaves and the opening snaps shut, stalactite teeth tearing us both in half. Our bodies wash toward the beast’s throat, and I watch until my brain realizes I’m gone.


Where do you think the narrator is? Leave a comment…

First published at Photo via Splickety Magazine)

9 thoughts on “Maw

    1. Christine Post author

      Thanks, Joan! This was such a departure from my normal writing comfort zone…I did it really just to see if i could. Forget fear and just give it a try!

  1. Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

    You did a fantastic job of creating a world and an emotional setting in such few words. I haven’t tried micro fiction yet, but if I could write it half as well as you did, Christine… I love it! A moment of dying in 150 words or less. Love it.

  2. Amy

    I have never heard of micro fiction before, I loved yours. It really stirred up emotions and drew me it. I was surprised how 150 words can really catch one’s attention. I really liked it. Thanks for sharing.


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