Shutter Step

Shutter Step a diverse collection of short-short stories inspired by a common image and sound. The contributors are four of my favorite indie authors, plus a story of my own. Some of the authors are established, and some are up-and-coming.

All are amazing.

My contribution, “Riley,” is the continuation of the story of Riley Tillotsen. Riley feels misunderstood and trapped, and she’s desperate for some independence. Her next step is every teenager’s dream and every parent’s nightmare.

Each of the stories is a really quick read (under 5 minutes), and will take you someplace entirely new. Ready to start reading? just drop your address here, and I’ll email it to you:


The Backstory

We wanted to collaborate on a project that spoke to who each of us is as an author, and to share each other’s work. We chose a single image by Rebeka Rosh and a haunting song by the band Daughter and said “Go!” No other parameters or restrictions (except to keep it clean since some of our authors write for young adults).

Dede Nesbitt contributed “Shaded.” Dede writes epic YA fantasy and is working on the second book in her trilogy.

Stacy Claflin contributed “Terra Weaver.” Stacy is our inspiration; she’s a writing machine (in the best way). Stacy’s been hustling in her “free time” to release 20+ titles in several different genres over the past few years, and she recently left her day job to write fiction full-time.

Andrea Johnson Beck contributed “Hush, Constance.” Andrea writes organized crime thrillers and horror and she’s also collaborating with her son Logan on a memoir about raising/being a teenager who’s not defined by autism.

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman contributed “And I Exhale,” a haunting tale of empty desperation. Stephanie is the author of Finding Eliza and the upcoming Widow Teal series, and she has published a series of bestselling guides for genealogical research.


Don’t miss it. Just drop your address here and I’ll email it to you:

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