Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes is an anthology dealing with unfulfilled desires. Tales of dysfunction are always tragic, and never more so than at Christmastime. In this compilation, four authors who write in various genres offer vignettes of relationships gone awry or gatherings that devolve into chaos or heartbreak. Are there happy endings for these characters? You’ll have to read to find out.

Short stories allow readers to sample an author’s genre and style before committing to longer works. The anthology format offers readers the chance to explore many writers’ works in one compilation. Christmas Wishes comes with these opportunities, plus author biographies and contact information for the reader searching for more.

Included in Christmas Wishes:

“Christmas Eve” by CM Niles (yeah….me!)
“Footprints in the Snow” by Staci Troilo
“A Very Dysfunctional Christmas” by Stacy Claflin
“All is Never Calm” by CeeCee James

Book categories: Short Fiction