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(under 5 minutes) Riley Tillotsen just met the guy of her dreams.


(under 9 minutes) Celica has secrets, and she'd prefer to keep them to herself.


As he listened to the men chatter on, Gabe closed his Bible and fished two tracts out of his pack. “The End is coming.” Gabe handed each of them a pamphlet.

About the Author

I've been telling stories since I was a lying-sack-of-shit kid. Now I actually collect a few pennies to do it. Take that, parents!

Stories make the world go around. Whether it's a seven-book epic fantasy or a 150-word micro-fiction piece, a good story transports you somewhere else. I kinda like taking you there.

The stories I write aren't everyone's cup of tea. (And that's ok. I'm more of a 12-year-old scotch kind of girl anyway.)

So if that's not you? If you get offended by bad words and want the world to be populated with unicorns, I wish you well. But if you don't mind slipping down into the dark parts of humanity for a few hours at a time, well, welcome home.

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